Elections Complete – lets get to work!

Before the 6th May local elections, CamDEAG reached out to many of the parties and candidates to get answers to their questions. We were delighted that many of them wrote back. Read the full responses here.

We are so pleased that so many of the new councillors on the Cambridge City and Cambridgeshire county councils are advocates for Doughnut Economics. We look forward to support the much-needed transition of our city to a greener, more just space for all. 

Doughnuts are on the menu for Cambridge!

Cambridge Labour, who have maintained control of the Cambridge City Council, promised in their 2021 manifesto (p15), that they will “Adopt a model for addressing inequality and promoting sustainability, based on the concept of ‘doughnut economics’ as promoted by cities like Amsterdam”.

We would like to welcome the two new Green Party councillors to the Abbey Ward in Cambridge City. Cambridge Green Party have Doughnut Economics as a key part of their manifesto.

A new coalition

It is also notable that three groups in the Cambridge County Council – the Liberal Democrats, Labour and Independent councillors – have entered into a “new rainbow alliance” to take control of the Council and to work towards a “greener, fairer, and more caring Cambridgeshire”. Covid recovery and tackling climate change are stated priorities.

CamDEAG does not align itself to or identify with any political party but believes that the economic, environmental and social principles set out in Kate Raworth’s ‘Doughnut Economics’ are relevant to any political decision-making.

Elections Complete – lets get to work!