About us

The Cambridge Doughnut Economics Action Group (CamDEAG)

We are a community group in Cambridge who are planning the Cambridge Doughnut project. We are building relationships with local government and other key organisations to help deliver this vision for Cambridge as a more just and environmentally sustainable city.

We seek to adopt the Doughnut Economics approach for the city ensuring that life’s essentials (access to nutritious food, decent housing, etc.) are afforded to all those who work and live in Cambridge without surpassing the climate and ecological boundaries of the planet.

Visit the FAQs page to learn more about our initiative and the Join Us page if you’d like to join our community action group.

Principles of Practice

We aim to follow the seven principles of practice of doughnut economics in all we do as a group.

DEAL’s Values

We adopt the values of Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) for the way our group works.

Playful Creativity – Through continuous innovation

Conviction – In transformation & its urgency

Collaboration – Inclusive & participatory ways of working

Agility – Adaptive to people & context

Openness – Based on high trust

Care – For people & planet

Reciprocity – Willingness to share

Excellence – We aim to do things well