Doughnut Principles of Practice

As a local initiative bringing “the Doughnut” to Cambridge, our actions are guided by the principles of Doughnut Economics. We strive for integrity in our group.

 1. Embrace the 21st century goal. 

  • Aim to meet the needs of all people within the means of the living planet.
  • Seek to align your organisation’s purpose, networks, governance, ownership and finance with this goal. 
  • Expect the work to be challenging, innovative and transformative.

2. See the big picture. 

  • Recognise the potential roles of the household, the commons, the market and the state – and their many synergies – in transforming economies. 
  • Ensure that finance serves the work rather than drives it.

3. Nurture human nature. 

  • Promote diversity, participation, collaboration and reciprocity. 
  • Strengthen community networks and work with a spirit of high trust. 
  • Care for the wellbeing of the team.

4. Think in systems.

  • Experiment, learn, adapt, evolve, and aim for continuous improvement.
  • Be alert to dynamic effects, feedback loops and tipping points.

5. Be distributive. 

  • Work in the spirit of open design and share the value created with all who co-create it. 
  • Be aware of power and seek to redistribute it to improve equity amongst stakeholders.

6. Be regenerative. 

  • Aim to work with and within the cycles of the living world. 
  • Be a sharer, repairer, regenerator, steward. 
  • Reduce travel, minimize flights, be climate and energy smart.

7. Aim to thrive rather than to grow. 

  • Don’t let growth become a goal in itself. 
  • Know when to let the work spread out via others rather than scale up in size.
Doughnut Principles of Practice