Press Release – Launching the Doughnut

Cambridge Doughnut – Envisaging a local economy that protects the natural environment and meets the social needs of all people.

  • The Doughnut economy looks to balance the needs of people with planetary boundaries. 
  • Cambridge Doughnut project envisions a new way of rebuilding the Cambridge economy following the pandemic to better meet the challenges of the 21st century.

New challenge, New start

Following the impact of Covid-19, economists report  that almost 500 million people are at risk of falling into poverty. While world leaders attempt to balance the public’s health with economic fallout, the World Economic Forum predicts that a prolonged recession of the global economy is inevitable.

As we plan our recovery from Covid-19, now is the perfect time to adopt a new vision for the future of our economy. We offer the doughnut!

And so what is Doughnut Economics

Doughnut Economics is the brainchild of Kate Raworth. In her 2017 book Doughnut Economics Raworth laid out a new way of looking at economics based on the priorities set out by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Doughnut’s social foundation (the centre of the doughnut) sets out the minimum standard of living for all. The Doughnut’s ecological ceiling (the outside edge) comprises the planetary boundaries within which we must live to preserve our world – a stable climate, fertile soils, healthy oceans, a protective ozone layer, ample freshwater and abundant biodiversity on Earth.

Since the release of the book, teachers, business leaders and politicians have wanted to get involved and so DEAL (Doughnut Economics Action Lab) was born. DEAL is an online platform to connect cities putting doughnut economics into action.

Local effort, international inspiration

How does this relate to Cambridge? Inspired by Amsterdam’s pioneering role, Cambridge joins cities across the world in “downsizing the doughnut”. The project is called Cambridge Doughnut and the team behind it, the Cambridge Doughnut Economics Action Group (CamDEAG). The group plans to start by facilitating the creation of a doughnut portrait to see where the Cambridge economy is (under)performing in relation to the social and ecological limits. The portrait will then be used as a tool to guide decision-makers and innovators within the city, helping them to identify new solutions and approaches to the city’s shortcomings.

A Collaborative Effort – Get Involved!

We are not trying to repeat the work of other capable organisations within the City. Our aim is to bring these efforts together in common cause. We call upon local organisations to join us, alongside the City Council, in downscaling the doughnut.

Developing the doughnut portrait of Cambridge is where we first need your help!

Are you interested in emerging from this pandemic with a new and sustainable economy? If so, then get in touch. Cambridge Doughnut is seeking members of the public and organisations to join with us in redefining our future.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Press Release – Launching the Doughnut